Preparing for and weathering out the next 12 months is likely to impact the way in which legal services are delivered for the foreseeable future – but this does not mean you have to put off your plans.

Social distancing is a risk mitigation strategy.  Fortunately, Uther Webster & Evans uses technology that allows our Lawyers and Partners to work remotely as and when required – allowing us to continue to assist our private clients throughout the global response to COVID-19 and do our part to reduce transmission of the virus.

Each of the Family Court of Australia and Federal Circuit Court of Australia have taken steps to ensure their continued operation – which includes social distancing procedures.  Court events are largely being held by telephone and are being closely examined by Judges and Registrars to explore options for settlement without the need for hearings.  Parties in proceedings will be advised of the protocols to be followed in Court, and whether hearings will be conducted by phone or whether a personal appearance is required.

We have implemented video conferencing facilities, and we are able to conduct conferences, including settlement conferences and mediations, and participate in Court events and hearings remotely.

If you need help arranging your finances or the care of your children with your former spouse, contact us today: we are proudly business as usual.

The Family Law Section has prepared a Top Ten Guide for separated parents, which you may find helpful during this time.

The Top Ten Guide includes links to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention which offers strategies you can adopt in your daily lives to limit the impact of COVID-19 on you and your families, and to the Department of Health alert service covering everything you need to know about the novel coronavirus.