2023 - PRESENT

Uther Webster & Evans relocates to Level 16, 201 Elizabeth Street, Sydney

In May 2023, Uther Webster & Evans moved to Level 16, 201 Elizabeth Street, Sydney with the firm now overlooking Sydney’s iconic Hyde Park.


Daniel Bennett becomes a Director of Uther Webster & Evans.

In January 2021, Daniel Bennett is appointed as a Director, joining Vivian Evans, Joseph Antoun, Micheal Garvin, Justine Taylor, Kay Huntsman and Michael Hempsall.


Michael Hempsall becomes the Criminal Law Director of Uther Webster & Evans.

In August 2021, Michael Hempsall was appointed as the Criminal Law Director, joining Vivian Evans, Joseph Antoun, Micheal Garvin, Justine Taylor and Kay Huntsman.

2016 - 2017

Uther Webster & Evans Pty Ltd

In July 2016, Uther Webster & Evans incorporated and became known as Uther Webster & Evans Pty Ltd with Vivian Evans and Joseph Antoun as the Principal Directors. In July 2017, Michael Garvin and Justine Taylor became Principal Directors, joining Vivian Evans and Joseph Antoun, and Kay Huntsman joined as the Family Law Director.

2006 - 2016

Uther Webster & Evans

In July 2012, Kay Huntsman and Michael Garvin were appointed as Partners of the firm. Edmund Uther retired in September 2013 and his Lakemba office is now closed. In July 2015 Nicole Evans and Justine Taylor were appointed Partners of the firm.

2002 - May 2006

Uther Webster & Evans incorporating Brian Robinson & Co

The firm continued to practise in Sydney as Uther Webster & Evans with Vivian Evans and Joseph Antoun as Partners. In July 2004, Uther Webster & Evans purchased the Cremorne practice of Brian Robinson & Co.

The firm operated from Sydney and Cremorne until May 2006, when the Cremorne office was closed and the staff relocated to the city office.

Ted Uther continued to run the Lakemba office.

2001 - 2002

Uther Webster & Evans

In July 2001 Cameron Player ceased to be a principal of the firm and remained as a consultant/solicitor in the City Office, leaving in 2002.


Uther Webster & Evans

In July 2000 the firm purchased its own premises, moving to Levels 2 & 3, 235 Clarence Street, Sydney.

1993 - 2000

Uther Webster & Evans

In 1993, following the departure of Clayton James, the firm changed its name to Uther Webster & Evans with Vivian Evans as sole principal. In August 1994 the firm moved to Level 11, 1 Chifley Square, Sydney. In October 1994 Joseph Antoun joined the firm from Sparke Helmore as an employed solicitor.

In October 1995 Joseph Antoun & Cameron Player became Partners in the firm with Vivian Evans.

1990 - 1993

Uther Webster & James with B. Neill & Co.

In February 1990 Clayton James entered partnership with Vivian Evans and purchased the City practice of B. Neill & Co. at Level 2, 32 York Street Sydney, creating Uther Webster & James with B. Neill & Co. The former Partners of B. Neill & Co, Barbara Neill & Fulvia Agostini, remained as consultants until 1993. In 1990 John Webster left the firm as a principal and established Webster & Co in Umina, remaining as a consultant to the City office.

Edmund (Ted) Uther continued to practice at the Lakemba office of Uther Webster & James as principal whilst acting as consultant to the City office. In February 1990 Cameron Player joined the Seaforth office as a clerk, moving to the City office in May 1990. On 1 July 1990 the firm moved to new premises at Level 2, 64 Castlereagh St, Sydney.

In 1993 Vivian Evans became sole principal of the City Office after Clayton James left the firm to practice as a sole practitioner in Fernleigh.

1982 - 1990

Uther Webster & James

In May 1982 Joseph Slezak left to become a consultant to Swaab & Associates and the firm moved to 99 Elizabeth Street, Sydney changing its name to Uther Webster & James. In 1983 the City office was closed and the Partners worked in three separate branch offices: John Webster in the Umina branch office; Edmund Uther in the Lakemba branch office; and Clayton James in the Seaforth office. In February 1987 Vivian Evans commenced work as an employed solicitor in the Seaforth office. The practice continued in this fashion under the name of Uther Webster & James until 1990.

1960 - 1982

Uther Webster & Slezak

In 1960 Joseph Slezak entered partnership with John Webster and the firm name changed to Uther Webster & Slezak. In April 1967 Edmund Jeffrey Uther, son of Edmund Allan Uther and grandson of Allan Uther, commenced work with the firm. On 28 May 1967 Edmund Allan Uther, who had been operating the Lakemba office, died. In 1972 the firm re-located to 44 Bridge St, Sydney.

In 1973 Edmund Jeffrey Uther became a principal of the firm running the Lakemba office. In 1981 Clayton James became a Partner of the firm. The practice continued until May 1982 when Joseph Slezak left the partnership.

1956 - 1960

Allan Uther & Webster

On 29 August 1956 the practice of Allan Uther & Co. was sold by Edmund Uther to John Webster. Edmund Uther then commenced a branch office at Lakemba, where he continued to practice until his death in 1967. The City office practice continued until 1960 when Joseph Slezak joined the firm.

1952 - 1956

Allan Uther & Co.

In 1952 Victor Davis left the partnership and the name of the firm changed to Allan Uther & Co. The practice continued under this name after Allan Uther retired on 2 December 1954, leaving his son Edmund Uther to run the practice. In 1955 the firm relocated to 33 Macquarie Place Sydney. Allan Uther, former Partner in the firm, died on 4 August 1956. The practice continued until August 1956 when Edmund Uther sold the city office practice to John Pitman Webster.

After the death of Allan Uther the NSW Golf Association, in honour of his continuous service since its inception in 1950, named a tournament in his honour. The Allan Uther Shield was presented for the first time in 1956. The Shield is played for in conjunction with the Schoolboy’s Medal and is contested each year at the Oatlands Golf Club in inter-school competitions. The Schoolboy’s Medal is presented to the best individual and the Allan Uther Shield is presented to the school with the best team score. The tournament has been running for some 45 years and continues to this day, being contested in April each year at the Oatlands Golf Club.

1950 - 1952

Allan Uther & Davis

In 1950, Victor Davis joined the partnership with Allan Uther & Edmund Uther and the name of the firm changed to Allan Uther & Davis. In 1950, Allan Uther was elected to the newly created NSW Golf Association as a representative of Country NSW where he served continually until his death in 1956.

1944 - 1950

Allan Uther & Mansfield

In 1944 Humphrey Mansfield joined the partnership with Allan Uther and Edmund Uther, and its name changed to Allan Uther & Mansfield. The articles of partnership were dated 29 June 1944 and the new Partnership Deed was dated 1 July 1944. The office remained at Suites 17, 18 & 21 on Level 3 of the annex to the National Mutual Buildings, 350 George Street Sydney. The practice continued under the name of Allan Uther & Mansfield until Humphrey Mansfield died on 19 May 1949.

1936 - 1944

Uther & Uther

Allan Uther commenced the practice, Uther & Uther, at 350 George Street, Sydney in partnership with his son, Edmund Allan Uther, who had graduated in 1927 and served his articles with Loxborough & Co. On 1 February 1942 Allan Uther was appointed a member of the Statutory Committee of the Incorporated Law Institute of New South Wales.

1900 - 1936

Government Service

Allan Uther undertook employment as a Solicitor at the Crown Solicitor’s Office where he remained for 9 years. In three consecutive years from 1900 to 1903, Allan Uther was the elected President of the Sydney University Sports Union. In 1909 Allan Uther was appointed the Examiner of Titles in the Registrar-General’s Department where he remained for 13 years. In 1922 Allan Uther was appointed Parliamentary Draftsman and acted as the head of the Parliamentary Draftsman’s Office, known today as the Parliamentary Counsel’s Office, for 13 years until 1935. During this time he presided over an expansion in the volume and complexity of company and conveyancing laws and over the Lang Labor Government’s social legislation. In 1935 Allan Uther left the Government service to return to private practice.

1896 - 1900

Dobbin, Uther & Spier

In 1896 Allan Uther moved to NSW and commenced a partnership with Leonard Dobbin & Frank Spier under the firm name Dobbin, Uther & Spier. In 1900, Allan Uther left the partnership to take up Government service.

1870 - 1896


Allan Hammill Uther, founder of the firm, was born in 1870 and was educated at Sydney Grammar, Launceston Grammar School and St Paul’s College, Sydney University. He was admitted as a Solicitor in 1894 and was appointed as a Commissioner of the Supreme Court of Tasmania in 1896.