Uther Webster and Evans handles all aspects of debt recovery, from commencing proceedings in the relevant jurisdiction, to the entry of default judgment or attendance at a hearing and enforcement of judgment.

Recovery of large and small debts

Bad debts and lost income are a commercial reality that need to be managed, and many creditors find it difficult to maintain their cash flow and manage their debtor ledger effectively.

Uther Webster & Evans handles all aspects of debt recovery and credit management.


Statement of Claims

In some cases, it can be very difficult to recover money from a debtor without commencing legal proceedings. Uther Webster and Evans are very experienced in all jurisdictions and can assist you with drafting a statement of claim, serving the statement of claim on the debtor, obtaining default judgment (if the debtor fails to respond) and enforcing the judgment.



Once Judgment has been obtained, whether by default or after a Hearing, you may enforce that Judgment to pursue recovery of the moneys that are due to you.


Statutory Demands

If a company owes a creditor at least $2,000, that creditor may serve a statutory demand on the company. Once the statutory demand is properly served, the debtor company has 21 days to either pay the debt, negotiate a settlement with the creditor, or apply to set the demand set aside; failing which the company will be deemed to be insolvent and may be wound up. As such, it is dangerous to ignore a statutory demand – the company may be wound up.