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Vivian Evans has been a Principal Director at Uther Webster & Evans since 1990 and has developed a strong reputation in the areas of succession, wills and estate litigation, mediation and planning, crime, commercial, equity and corporate litigation, and family law.

Client Approach

Vivian has substantial experience and takes an individual, practical, empathetic and client focused approach to each of her matters, promoting the firm objective to resolve matters as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Areas of Practice

Vivian is highly regarded as a solicitor in the following areas:

Wills and Estate, Probate, Succession Law and Equity: including estate disputes and family provision claims under the Succession Act as well as providing advice on Wills, succession planning and Power of Attorneys. Vivian has been recognised by her peers as a leading solicitor in this area since 2016 until present in the Doyle’s Guide and has acted in many high profile and complex cases including many reported decisions.

Criminal Law: Vivian has been involved in serious criminal matters for the past 36 years. Vivian is experienced in all aspects of crime, ranging from white collar crime to conspiracy, murder, taxation matters, ASIC prosecutions, Commonwealth Prosecutions, fraud, drug matters, sexual assaults, serious driving offences, and assaults. Her work has been in all courts, ranging from the Local Court through to the Supreme Court, Court of Criminal Appeal and the High Court of Australia and other states of Australia. Vivian has represented many clients in Royal Commissions, Special Commissions and Inquires and has been recognised by her peers as a Leading Defence Solicitor since 2017. Vivian has worked in many high-profile criminal cases and inquires and works with Sydney’s most talented and experienced barristers. Vivian most recently assisted the Victims of Crime Commission in the ACT Board of Inquiry into the Lehrmann matter.  She assists Victims of Crime and their families in dealing with police, at inquests and seeking compensation. Vivian was the solicitor for the family of Scott Johnson who successfully secured a third Inquest into Scott’s death which resulted in the perpetrator being arrested, charged and sentenced for the offence.

Commercial law: acting for individuals, directors of companies, liquidators, administrators and trustees in bankruptcy, providing advice in commercial litigation and complex corporate matters.

Civil Litigation: acting in jurisdictions that include; Equity, Professional Negligence, Commercial and Corporate matters, proceedings in the Local Court, District Court, Supreme Court, Federal and Federal Magistrates Court, and Court of Appeals.

Family Law: Vivian started her career in family law and has practiced in this area consistently throughout her career. She now assists the family law team at Uther Webster & Evans in complex matters, assisting particularly in property settlements and negotiations troubleshooting which on occasion requires her skills in insolvency, criminal and succession issues.

Debt recovery and Insolvency matters: Vivian jointly owns and manages Capricorn Credit Pty Ltd, debt recovery mercantile agents.


Below are some of the cases Vivian has been involved in. However, she is proud of the fact that the majority of her civil cases have been resolved without the need for a final court hearing.


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