Bad debts and lost income are a commercial reality that need to be managed, and many creditors find it difficult to maintain their cash flow and manage their debtor ledger effectively.

Uther Webster & Evans can assist in all aspects of debt recovery and credit management.

Debt collection is a legitimate and necessary business activity where creditors and collectors are able to take reasonable steps to secure payment from consumers who are legally bound to pay or to repay money they owe.

Uther Webster & Evans has many years of debt collection experience. We have learnt that flexibility and creativity in pursuing a debt can pay off, particularly when the hard-nosed traditional methods fail. We work closely with Capricorn Credit, an established and highly respected debt collection agency, and as a result are best placed to handle any of your debt recovery needs.

Uther Webster & Evans can assist you with:

  • Defending debt recovery claims;
  • Debt collection services including letters of demand;
  • Preparing a statement of claim to commence legal action for payment of money due to you;
  • Preparation of statutory demands and, if required, a supporting affidavit;
  • Preparing a defence for a claim made against you, which must be filed within 28 days after the statement of claim is served;
  • Appearing in court to prosecute or defend a claim;
  • Entering a judgment against the debtor (if no action is taken within 28 days); and
  • Enforcing a judgment, for which a number of procedures are available; including writs of execution (seizure of goods to sell in order to repay the debt), examination summons (requiring the debtor to attend court to disclose their assets, liabilities and financial resources), and garnishee orders (where the court can order a third party to pay money to you instead of the debtor).

If these procedures fail to produce a result, and the debtor owes more than $4,000 (for a company) or $10,000 (for an individual), then Uther Webster & Evans can assist you with commencing bankruptcy proceedings (for individuals) or winding up proceedings (for companies).

If you have received a bankruptcy notice, a letter of demand, a statement of claim, a statutory demand or a court notice please do not hesitate to contact Uther Webster & Evans solicitors immediately on (02) 9290 1177, to assist you with defending such claims. When it comes to debts and insolvency issues, whether you are a creditor or a debtor, you need accurate and timely advice. The solicitors at Uther Webster & Evans are very experienced and well placed to provide this advice.