Prior to 2009, the Family Court had jurisdiction to hear matters concerning children only in relation to de facto relationships. Since 1 March 2009, amendments to the Family Law Act, 1975 have meant that the Family Court and the Federal Circuit Court are able to hear and make orders in relation to property and financial matters arising out of De Facto relationships as well as marriages. De Facto relationships relate to both heterosexual and same sex couples who live together in a domestic situation or have a relationship that satisfies the statutory definition.

Once a de facto relationship is established, then the provisions of the Family Law Act, 1975 dealing with financial and property matters consequent upon separation are similar to those governing property settlements for married couples.

The Family Lawyers at Uther Webster & Evans have substantial experience in advising and acting for clients in respect of legal issues arising from the breakdown of a De Facto relationship, including property settlements and parenting issues.