Children are not responsible for the circumstances in which the adults who care for them fall into a dispute or decide to separate. It is for this reason that where those adults cannot agree on arrangements for children in their care, the law in Australia requires courts to make orders that are in the “best interests” of children.

Parenting disputes can be complex and emotionally exhausting, and can involve issues about where parents can live, special needs of children, health issues, and in some cases, family violence and child abuse allegations. All parenting disputes in Australia, regardless of the nature and circumstances of a dispute, are determined by the same practice and procedure under the Family Law Act.

We will assist you to negotiate parenting arrangements that put the interests of your children at the forefront. We understand this aspect of your family law issues can be the most important and the most traumatic area of dispute. We provide our clients with careful advice and assistance at each step of the way.

Parenting arrangements are often agreed between the parties and, depending on your situation, we will provide you with advice as to whether these arrangements should be formalised by way of Court Orders or a Parenting Plan.

As is the case with property settlement matters, there is an emphasis on mediation or family dispute resolution in parenting matters prior to an application being filed in a court.  Again, we have a wealth of experience in parenting mediation and have access to mediators highly experienced in relation to parenting disputes.

In the event that an agreement cannot be reached, or your situation is one of urgency, and court proceedings are required to be commenced, our solicitors have extensive litigation experience and knowledge of the relevant court process and the litigation pathway.