Following the separation of a couple, one of the most important and fraught issues can be how the property of the marriage/relationship is to be divided. This is referred to as a ‘property settlement’.

At Uther Webster & Evans, our Family Law Solicitors have substantial experience in negotiating property settlements. We understand that most people do not wish to go to Court and would prefer to reach agreement concerning the division of their assets amicably. Our Lawyers are experts in working collaboratively with your partner’s solicitors to resolve any disputes.

If a property settlement can be negotiated, the agreed outcome can be “ratified” by the Court by way of what are known as Consent Orders. Consent Orders formalise the agreement between yourself and your spouse in respect of the division of your assets. Binding Financial Agreements can also be used to formalise a property settlement.

If you cannot reach agreement with your spouse about a property settlement (or other financial issues including spousal maintenance), our Lawyers have substantial experience within the Court process. We are able to clearly advise you about your entitlements, the Court process itself, and the likely range of orders that may be made by the Court if your matter does proceed to Hearing.

Our firm also has expertise in commercial and property law, and the specialists in these areas may also be able to assist with your matter.