Uther Webster & Evans has, for many years, helped its clients to resolve disputes by means other than traditional court processes. Alternative dispute resolution includes negotiation, mediation and conciliation, expert determination, early neutral evaluation and arbitration. In an increasingly litigious society, the ability to resolve disputes without the  time and costs commitments of litigation (not to mention the publicity that litigation can attract) has become extremely important. We can advise on the right means of dispute resolution for every dispute. We make every effort to consider the availability of various alternative dispute resolution methods and their appropriateness for your matter.

We will always consider negotiation, mediation and arbitration as alternatives to litigation and, depending on your instructions, will first attempt to negotiate a resolution of your matter before commencing proceedings. We have worked with many mediators and arbitrators to successfully finalise matters without expensive litigation.

There is often a perception that lawyers profit from inflating costs and avoiding resolution. We take the opposite approach and pride ourselves on obtaining the best result for our clients, as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Our offices have been designed to cater for mediations and settlement conferences at no additional charge to our clients – these rooms are known as Sydney Mediation Centre. They are also fitted out with the most recent technology so that we can engage in remote conferences if required.