Buying residential property in New South Wales will become a lot easier with the assistance of the experienced team of solicitors and conveyancers at Uther Webster & Evans.

Once you have found your property you should obtain a copy of the contract so that we may provide you with advice. Usually the sales contract requires some fine tuning to make it a little less in favour of the vendor. We will talk to you about the contract and then negotiate any changes in the contract.

While this negotiating process is going on you should ensure your finance is in order & that you have final bank approval before exchange. Through our related business, Capricorn Credit Financial Solutions (CCFS), we can help you find the best mortgage deal for you. Even if you already have a loan approval we can usually better the deal. For loans over $300,000, and as a special offer to Uther Webster & Evans clients, CCFS will contribute $500 towards your conveyancing costs, not something your bank or other broker will offer.

Subject to your instructions and to carrying all our necessary searches to protect your interests and confirming your finance, we will move to promptly exchange contracts to secure the property for you.

We then proceed to carry out any relevant searches as well as obtaining any other information that may be required by your lending body. Payment of stamp duty on the contract would then be attended to. If you qualify as a first home purchaser for a stamp duty discount or a grant, we will also process your application at no extra charge.

Prior to the settlement (which normally takes place four to six weeks after exchange of contracts) we reach agreement with the vendors on any adjustments to the purchase price that may be required for such items as Council or water rates. The vendors then advise us as to how they require the settlement cheques to be drawn and we will ask you (and/or your mortgagee if applicable) for these cheques.

We then attend settlement (completion of the purchase) on your behalf. We pay over the balance of the purchase funds and receive title transfer documents and certificate of title. We or your mortgagee then lodge these with the Department of Land and Property Information. A new certificate of title would then issue in approximately two weeks, noting you as the new owner of the property. The deed is returned to you or if you have a mortgage it will be kept by your mortgagee as security against the loan. At this time we will issue you with a certificate guaranteeing your title in the property.

Please contact Uther Webster & Evans on 9290 1177 or by e-mailing us on for a conveyancing quote.