Whether lending money or borrowing money we can assist you with your mortgage documentation and other legal paperwork. Whether you wish to secure your mortgage or become more familiar with the mortgage you are signing, we can advise.

Through our associated mortgage broking business, Capricorn Credit Financial Services (CCFS), we can even help you shop around for the best loan for you. As a special offer to Uther Webster & Evans clients.

As a private lender we will review potential borrowers and provide you with a borrowers risk assessment as well as drafting the necessary security documents to properly secure your loan. CCFS will contribute $500.00 towards your legal costs on your refinance or purchase where you take out a loan in excess of $300,000.00 through CCFS

As a borrower, we will go through your mortgage and loan documents and provide you with easy to understand advice about the documents you are signing and what you are “getting yourself into”.