A Power of Attorney appoints someone to make financial decisions on your behalf. You can appoint an attorney in a variety of situations, for example if you lose mental capacity to make decisions for yourself, or if you are travelling overseas for an extended period. Appointing an Attorney that you trust to make financial decisions, or sign important documents on your behalf, can provide the peace of mind you need to know that your financial affairs are being well looked after. You can put in place either a General Power of Attorney, which will automatically lapse if you lose mental capacity, or an Enduring Power of Attorney, which will stay in place even if you lose capacity.

You are also able to appoint someone to make decisions for you in relation to medical procedures and lifestyle decisions in the event that you are incapable of making those decisions. An appointment of an Enduring Guardian enables the person of your choice to legally make those decisions on your behalf.

Having these documents in place can assist in avoiding any conflict between family members when having to make decisions of this nature if you are unable to.